Red Cylinder Lamp Shade Tall Decorative Design, Lithonia Lighting


They offer you four color options: amber twist, opal white, white drizzle and for this one is apple red. This cylinder lamp shade tall is only work well with bullet mini pendant and sconce fitter presented by Lithonia. The shades and the fitters are sold separately. You can use this shade to complete your restrooms, over seating areas and hallways. This is a decorative shade that is designed from hand-blown glass and it doesn’t need any maintenance. The good thing is that it comes with energy efficient accent design and it can complete any decor.

Red-Cylinder-Lamp-Shade-Tall-Decorative-Design-Lithonia-Lighting-500x625-400x500 Red Cylinder Lamp Shade Tall Decorative Design, Lithonia LightingLamp Shades review Lighting Review


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