Is Acai Sold in Stores Very Good

Acai berries are everywhere it seems. TV talk shows and news programs have told you how good they are for you as well as warned you of acai berry scams. They are even billed as one of the best diet pills for men (and women). Many local grocery stores and large chain stores now carry acai berry products. This article is going to focus on the supplements and juices you can buy in stores.

We are going to start by talking about acai berry supplements that come in tablets or capsules. There are tons of places you can get acai berry supplements including specialty health food stores and large retailers. If you are shopping at a large retail store, you have to understand that they make their purchase decisions based on profit more than quality. If you are shopping at a health food store, you have to understand that they sell a much lower volume so they have to charge higher prices and may let supplements sit on the shelf a long time before being sold.

The internet will usually offer better deals than you will find at your local health food store and even better than Walmart most of the time. Make sure you are dealing with a reputable company and you shouldn't have anything to worry about. You can also get free trials sometimes, but make sure you pay attention to the details of the offer so you don't get unexpected products.

Acai berry juice or drinks is the other main type of supplement you will see. You can get pure acai berry puree from companies like Amazon Thunder (which I prefer) and dozens of other companies. You can often get what appear to be really good deals on acai berry juices at the grocery store. It is important to look at the serving size as well as the quantity of acai berry juice in a drink. There are juice blends which have acai berry and other juices as well as pure acai berry juices that are basically watered. You will often find a serving size is 8 ounces compared to 1 ounce for acai berry puree. This means you will have to buy 8 bottles of acai berry juice to equal one bottle of acai berry puree. This means that the $5 bottle that appears to be so much cheaper than the $30 bottle is actually more expensive because you will have to buy 8 of them.

Juice blends are usually very tasty and enjoyable to drink. They are watered down or diluted to the point that it is a good drink. However, if you are looking for the health benefits of acai berries, you get a better product and a better deal if you stick with pure acai berry puree from Amazon Thunder.