Blood test - No sterillisation!!

First of all, thanks guys for reading this post and for your help!!

I am 25 years old and I have PCOS (polycystic Ovarian Syndrom) and a Brain tumour (Pituitary Tumour) so my health is not too great and that makes me a little bit of a pin cushion for my doctors, he he. But about 4 days ago, I had a blood test that kinda worried me a bit!!

The nurse was a very nice lady and she told me she was new to nursing which didn't bother me at all as I've had SO many needles that half of them are probably new he he, but this nurse made a few errors that I'm not sure if I should be worried about or not!!

First of all, she DID wash her hands quite thoroughly!! But just after drying them she went out to her trolley with her paperwork and a heap of vials of liquids and stuff and was filling out paperwork and touching things on her trolley!! Then she came back, did NOT wash her hands again and did NOT put gloves on!!

Then she strapped my arm and got the needled out (touching draws and cupboards etc) and DID NOT wipe/sterilise the area where she took the blood from!! No wipe, no sterilisation, nothing!!

THEN she touched my vein, right where she took the blood from, with her ungloved and, by now, probably not very clean finger!! And then she took my blood!!

So she had ungloved, unclean hands!! Touched my vein before she gave me the needle!! And did not use ANY sterilisation or wipes at all!! :-(

I've kinda been a bit stressed about it and am wondering if I am just being a bit paranoid?? Or if there are things I could pick up from that blood test?? If so, WHAT can I get from an unclean test like that??

My biggest worry is that I've been feeling like I'm getting the flu or some sort of head cold just this evening, which I'm thinking (and hoping) is just a big coincidence??

I don't want to get her in trouble because she was very friendly and nice, so I can't go back to the doctors there and ask them coz she's the only nurse there and I don't want her in the poop coz of me!! So ANY help would be SO VERY appreciated!!