Best natural lip balm an overview

Author: Michael Karin

The objective in using lip balms is to offer a protective layer on the lip surface to seal the moisture on the lip surface and in effect guard it from external exposure and damage. Different intense climatic conditions, cold temperatures, harsh dry air, and wind all contribute to a drying effect on the skin because it draws the moisture off of it. And because the skin on the human lips is thin compared against the skin on the other bits of the body, it is more exposed to aridity. Lip balms contain various types of waxes and petrol jelly because they have properties which stop loss of moisture and in the process retains the comfort that we currently experience with the way our lips, moist and smooth. The new makes of lip balms are now made more enticing because of the added ingredients that bring in extra benefits.

The 1st lip balm was sold by Charles Browne Fleet, the maker of the internationally famous ChapStick, and it was in the year 1880. However, the very first lip balms had earwax as one of its main ingredients, some After that, the newer versions of the lip balm used other waxed ingredients other than earwax with the same objective "defending the epidermis cells in the lips from getting damaged due to hot and damp temperature. Nowadays , one of safest and most usable options in defending your lips are the natural lips balms widely available in the market. You can select the right lip balm which can maintain the hydrated state of your lips for a longer duration and one that may retain the lips smooth texture.

With all of the news and reports circulating about the harmful chemicals that have now found their way in our water supply, and food including fish and meat products, it is not surprising that research and development has been made in the cosmetic field also. Understanding that over fifty percent of what we apply onto our skin gets soaked up by the body which ultimately finds their way into our bloodstream, and that is why if you are in the shop for lip balms, the ingredients should truly play an important role.

And you would not run out of choices when choosing the natural best lip balm for you. You can begin with Burts Bees which is on of the more popular natural lip balm producers in the world. The Burts Bees beeswax lip balms are a typical product on the shelves in stores all over the globe. This brand is legendary for adding a hint of peppermint in their ingredients which leaves the lips with a pleasant cool touch after you have applied it. Burts Bees has other products like the Lip Shimmer, Lip Gloss, and the Lifeguards Choice Lip Balm.

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